Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sewing Hints for making Doll Clothes

Came across this link for the Doll Boutique, at Simplicity, which is mainly hints for making doll clothes.

Added another 18 inch doll to my collection. Another blonde hair blue eyed doll, but, with curley hair. She came to me by way of eBay. She arrived at her new home, here, this morning.

Have to name her. Thinking of Winifred, seeing that my other one's name is Theresa. Both will then be named after my grandmother, Winifred Theresa O'Boyle. Will give them grandma's and grandpa's (Michael L. O'Boyle) last name too, O'Boyle. However neither doll looks like grandma because grandma had dark brown/black hair. Grandma and Grandpa are listed in One of my cousin's hubby is maintaining same.

Promise to upload photos when my dolls get their new homemade outfits.

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  1. That's a good source of info for sewing doll clothes! Thanks for sharing Peg, I love your method of naming dolls! :)


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