Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dolly felt shoes FREE Tutorial

A new mommy of an 18 inch doll here...

Found out that there's a freebie felt/leather pattern/tutorial for baby shoes that can most likely be adapted to the 18 inch doll. I measured the sole of my dolls shoe to find out that it is just 3 inches long. This pattern is for a 4 inch long pattern, with about a half of an inch used for the seam.

Common sense might be to just reduce or shrink the sole of the shoe pattern to 3 1/2 inches and adjust the other part to fit same. Can play with scrap fabric to get it to be a perfect fit for your doll.

The link to the tutorial is:

With the link to the 2 templates/pattern parts being:

I have several patterns for baby shoes. Will have to see if I can do same with them too. 

In checking the chart, the smallest 4 inch shoe sole size is for a 1 to 3 month old baby at the above site. This, most of you already know and I'm just finding out this info because I'm still experimenting with making clothes for my new 18 inch doll...

Oceanpeg/Peggy Winifred in NJ

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  1. Oh this is good to know for sure!!! I've been wrestling with dolly shoes for months! Off to the tutorial :) Thanks Peg!!!


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