Saturday, August 3, 2013

Calling All Dollies

    Granny is back in the saddle. Been feeling really really bad lately. But the last few days I have felt a turn around...YAY...the dolls are happy. They are sitting there grinning at me.  Okay ladies, beware.

Somebody loved her once. I hope they will again.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Got my Hilary dressed!

I am in deep trouble. I keep finding dollies that scream at me, "take me home, I need help!" So I do.  but I did get Hilary dressed...

This next one is an unmarked Mary Hoyer. Poor thing was just crying for help.  I don't want to part with these when I get them... I get too attached to them.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New AG outfit for sale in my Etsy shop

I have a super new outfit for sale in my Etsy shop. Here's the picture -

I made every single piece of this outfit - yup even the boots! (real leather too!)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Need to behave and stay off the net!

Just when I think I have found all the dolls that I had as a child, a new memory comes to the surface as I look a dolls and go "I remember that doll, I HAD ONE JUST LIKE IT".  then I have to search for it and try to find it.  I need to be satisfied with what I have and get them dressed.  Well on the Dollwearstitchers group we were talking and posting pictures and it was my down fall...HILLARY was posted.  When I saw this doll back in the 90s I wanted her... she was about 20 -24 inches with blonde hair and blue eyes and so pretty... Later I worked for a lady dressing dolls for her and she was going to get me a kit to make a Hillary. but things fizzled. Her husband got worse and she quit making dolls and I didn't get Hillary.  Well I searched and found a 15 inch version with brown set in eyes...will have to wig her and dress her myself but that will be half the fun... Oh Yeah!...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Theresa's Newest Outfit - No. 2

Here are two views of Theresa in her newest outfit. It's the second one I made for her. Along with the background being different in the photos, Theresa also changed her shoes. The red shoes have red flowers, similar to the one on her blouse. They are just a wee bit smaller, size wise. 

Theresa has her hair in a pony tail which is tied up with a red ribbon, to match the flower on her blouse and the red shoes she's wearing in one of the above photos.

The multi printed fabric I used for the background is the same fabric I made her robe/duster/Spring Coat out of.

 The pants are plain and simple striped pants with an elastic waistband.

The boat necked white blouse has a row of lace going down the front of it with a red flower just below the neck band and in the top center of the lace on the blouse.  The sleeves end with a ruffled cuff that was created by using elastic for same.
The blouse has a zipper going down the center in the back of it. Instead of putting in a hidden zipper, I put in an exposed zipper, which is similar to the latest fad on dresses and the like, but, with a twist. I put in a matching zipper instead of a contrasting zipper.
Instead of the zipper opening at the bottom of the blouse like a jacket, I put a band around the bottom. Theresa can step into her blouse and pull it up instead of pulling it over her head and messing her hair up. She can put her slacks on, pulling them up, after putting her blouse on. She has the option of wearing the blouse tucked in or wearing it out, as shown in the photos.

Now, Theresa has two outfits she's modeled listed on eBay.

What Next?

Besides Theresa's sister, Winifred, who likes wearing her vintage dress, Theresa has 3 cousins coming shortly. Of course, they are going to want new outfits too. So, come back often and check out and see what their new duds will look like.

Winifred says that they have to stand in line, that she's waiting for her new outfit and that I should make hers first. After all, she let me make two for Theresa, so, she says that she's next in line for a new outfit.

The Boyle Clan:

Both Theresa and Winifred are members of the Boyle ClanPeggy, the author, is also part of same. Peggy is a granddaughter of Michael Leo Boyle who is found listed on Peggy's grandmother's name was Winifred Theresa... Sound familiar?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sewing Hints for making Doll Clothes

Came across this link for the Doll Boutique, at Simplicity, which is mainly hints for making doll clothes.

Added another 18 inch doll to my collection. Another blonde hair blue eyed doll, but, with curley hair. She came to me by way of eBay. She arrived at her new home, here, this morning.

Have to name her. Thinking of Winifred, seeing that my other one's name is Theresa. Both will then be named after my grandmother, Winifred Theresa O'Boyle. Will give them grandma's and grandpa's (Michael L. O'Boyle) last name too, O'Boyle. However neither doll looks like grandma because grandma had dark brown/black hair. Grandma and Grandpa are listed in One of my cousin's hubby is maintaining same.

Promise to upload photos when my dolls get their new homemade outfits.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dolly felt shoes FREE Tutorial

A new mommy of an 18 inch doll here...

Found out that there's a freebie felt/leather pattern/tutorial for baby shoes that can most likely be adapted to the 18 inch doll. I measured the sole of my dolls shoe to find out that it is just 3 inches long. This pattern is for a 4 inch long pattern, with about a half of an inch used for the seam.

Common sense might be to just reduce or shrink the sole of the shoe pattern to 3 1/2 inches and adjust the other part to fit same. Can play with scrap fabric to get it to be a perfect fit for your doll.

The link to the tutorial is:

With the link to the 2 templates/pattern parts being:

I have several patterns for baby shoes. Will have to see if I can do same with them too. 

In checking the chart, the smallest 4 inch shoe sole size is for a 1 to 3 month old baby at the above site. This, most of you already know and I'm just finding out this info because I'm still experimenting with making clothes for my new 18 inch doll...

Oceanpeg/Peggy Winifred in NJ

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I already started off my year thinking I will make the resolution to "GET ORGANIZED".  Yeah right. I am trying. (My family tells me I am VERY trying)... I have gone through all the lace and ribbon and thread and tossed and sorted.  But I will NOT (yet) go through the dolls and toss any. I just can't do that. If I decided to get rid of one I will dress it and offer it to someone else. 
Made my granddaughter a dress for Christmas and did one for her doll too. This month she is going to be 9 so I have a Baby doll for her but the poor wee thing needs clothes... so yep you see what I will be doing this month. (once the worst of the "organizing" is Oh and I bought myself a new doll...

At the Family Dollar they had all the toys 1/2 off so I got this one for only $12.50.  I wanted the Ariel with the legs... me and flippers don't