Sunday, October 28, 2012

East Coast

I wanted to post for Prayers for the families in the path of this terrible storm on the East Coast. Stay safe! xo

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I had my first sale!!

It's so exciting - I had my first sale from my Handmade Artists shop! 2 dresses and 2 panties for AG doll. They will be Christmas gifts for the buyers granddaughters, and I'm just tickled pink. Now, I've GOT to make time to make more things for my shop! Where do you go to get more time????


Monday, October 22, 2012

Granny Is HERE!

Hi Folks,
Finally figured out how things work!...yay for me.  Dolls, my love, my therapy in unhappy times.  How did a mother of 4 a granny of 8 start playing with dolls?  Easy, I never quit...but they were the human kind for a number of years. They became my threrapy when I misscarried, when friends died and when my mother died.  Now they fill that void.

Dolls can console you...they do not condemn you. You can stick pins in them when sewing and they will not knock your head off and scream bloody murder. If you take their shoes for another they will not get all huffy and not talk to you again. They do not make messes, they do not get too noisy (remove the batteries if they do), They can be high or low maintenance or they can cost nothing.

Dolls are history as we have them back as far as man recorded what he has done in this world. Dolls are images of ones passed or to honor ones still here.  Dolls can be an alter ego. 

Now to stop boring you with my eloquence.  Just enjoy the little monkeys! Granny says so.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

New AG outfit for sale

I posted a new outfit for sale in my Handmade Artists shop the other day. I love this outfit -

The sweater I made from a thrift store find. I have a nice box of sweaters for this very purpose, as well as boxes of other clothes, bought just to use them as fabric :) It has a zipper in the back.

I knit the skirt from a light blue wool. The pattern is here - ABC Knitting Patterns

It comes with the white leggings, and I made those from a cotton crew sock, and trimmed them with elastic lace. The only thing she needs is SHOES! or boots, considering this is a winter outfit. :)

And it can be purchased in my Handmade Artists shop for $22.00.

I hope you like it! Riley Madison loves it, and she said, "It is the softest sweater ever - it has angora and lambswool in it - I absolutely love it!" (Direct quote from the wearer) :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Dress for Riley Madison

New Dress for my AG doll. Made from cotton knit, leather belt, buckle from Sky Blue Pink. Love that site!

I don't really like the way the top 'pokes' out, I need to think of a solution for that part.

And I desperately need to make her some shoes!!! I have everything I need to make them, and I have been practicing, but I need to knuckle down and make this little girl a decent pair of shoes to wear. It's getting to be winter! :) 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


to The Dolly Club! We cordially invite you to join us to play dollies. We? Who is we? We are the two Karens! We've been friends for years - met online I don't know how many years ago, and have since visited in person several times, and practically live on the phone with each other on some days. And yes, we are both really named Karen :) We have a lot of mutual interests but one of them has always been dolls.

We live about 3 hours apart from each other in Missouri. We play dollies by making new clothes, mailing to the other Karen who tries them on her doll (it doesn't matter which Karen, they go both ways) and takes pictures to send to Karen. Then she sends them back, sometimes with clothes for Karen to try on her doll and on and on it goes.

If you love dolls and especially if you love sewing clothes for them - as we do - there is always a way to play.

Well, now we're inviting all of you to play with us! We're going to do it online, through pictures and stories. Please join us - you'll be added as an author to this blog, and you're invited to post as often as you wish. Tell us the story of how you got the dolls you have, or a story you've made up about your doll and her/his life. We are an imaginative group!

We can't wait to meet you -

Karen and Karen